Annual Price
  •   Daily Social Media Email Report
  •   Includes 1 Year of Social Media Monitoring ($144 dollar value)
  •  Continued Education on Social Media Use & Increased Visibility with Coaches
  •  Protect your athletes future
Your student-athlete has worked tirelessly to put themselves in a position to receive a lucrative college scholarship. Varsity Monitor works with leading collegiate athletic departments and coaches nationwide, and is now offering our services to high school student-athletes and their parents. Varsity Monitor ensures that social media posts do not negatively impact recruiting or existing scholarship offers.
Become A Brand
Varsity Monitor provides detailed social media email reports and ongoing monthly monitoring to help minimize issues during the recruiting process.

Identify key ways to maximize your exposure during the recruiting process using social media.

Provide education to understand the best ways to use social media.

For Social Media Education, we are on the NCAA approved speaker list and often provide on-site education or customized presentation along with our monitoring solution.

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